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Past productions: 1970-1989

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A complete list of our productions, from 1933, can be downloaded here.

Diplomatic baggage (February 1970)
All things bright and beautiful (April 1970)
Trap for a lonely man (October 1970)
Midsummer mink (December 1970)

Spring and port wine (February 1971)
The Mayerling affair (April 1971)
The flip side (October 1971)
Cinderella (December 1971)

Serious charge (February 1972)
Death takes a holiday (April 1972)
The man most likely to (October 1972)
The chalk garden (December 1972)

A Revue (February 1973)
Carry me back to Canning Town (April 1973)
Not now darling (October 1973)
The ritual (December 1973)

Duet for two hands (February 1974)
Waltz of the toreadors (April 1974)
Night must fall (October 1974)
The drunkard (December 1974)

No time for fig leaves (February 1975)
John Gabriel Borkman (April 1975)
Plaza suite (October 1975)
Night watch (December 1975)

yet another revue (February 1976)
Celebration (April 1976)
Portrait of murder (October 1976)
Move over Mrs Markham (December 1976)

Blythe spirit (February 1977)
Ring round the moon (April 1977)
Suddenly at home (October 1977)
Dry rot (December 1977)

Absurd person singular (February 1978)
The day after the fair (April 1978)
Countercrime (October 1978)
Two and two make sex (December 1978)

Dear octopus (February 1979)
Kind lady (April 1979)
Birds on the wing (October 1979)
Something's afoot (December 1979)

Love on the dole (February 1980)
The little photographer (April 1980)
The Patrick Pearse motel (October 1980)
The ghost train (December 1980)

A man about the house (February 1981)
The anniversary (April 1981)
Confusions (October 1981)
The cure for love (December 1981)

Gigi (February 1982)
Children's day (April 1982)
Relatively speaking (October 1982)
Pink string and sealing wax (December 1982)

The prime of Miss Jean Brodie (February 1983)
The Accrington Pals (April 1983)
Fringe benefits (October 1983)
This happy breed (December 1983)

Alphabetical order (February 1984)
Tom Jones (April 1984)
Mulligan's last case (October 1984)
Outside edge (December 1984)

The wind of heaven (February 1985)
California suite (April 1985)
A murder is announced (October 1985)
Farndale Avenue - murder mystery (December 1985)

The heiress (February 1986)
Precious bane (April 1986)
Billy Liar (October 1986)
Table manners (December 1986)

Mick & Mick (February 1987)
Men should weep (April 1987)
How the other half loves (October 1987)
Black comedy (December 1987)

Other worlds (February 1988)
Summer of the seventeenth doll (April 1988)
Come blow your horn (October 1988)
The merry gentleman (December 1988)

Separate tables (February 1989)
Women of twilight (April 1989)
Peace comes to peckham (October 1989)
Hobson's choice (December 1989)