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Past productions: 1950-1969

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A complete list of our productions, from 1933, can be downloaded here.

Distinguished gathering (February 1950)
Rookery nook (April 1950)
The blue goose (October 1950)

To kill a cat (January 1951)
On Monday next (February 1951)
Heaven and Charing Cross (May 1951)
Happy days (1951)
The happiest days of your life (October 1951)
Little lambs eat ivy (December 1951)

Summer in December (February 1952)
Robert's wife (1952)
Murder at the vicarage (May 1952)
The good young man (October 1952)

Without the prince (January 1953)
Great day (April 1953)
Worm's eye view (October 1953)
I have five daughters (December 1953)

Bright shadow (January 1954)
Leslie's father (1954)
Here we come gathering (March 1954)
Tail of fire (1954)
Sister Craven (1954)
The white sheep of the family (November 1954)

Will any gentlemen (January 1955)
Where there's a will (March 1955)
Birthday honours (October 1955)

Love's a luxury (February 1956)
The deep blue sea (April 1956)
The hollow (October 1956)
Count your blessings (December 1956)

The Chiltern Hundreds (February 1957)
The offending hand (April 1957)
Ladies in retirement (November 1957)

Beside the seaside (February 1958)
Book of the month (March 1958)
Murder mistaken (October 1958)
One wild oat (December 1958)

Bonaventure (March 1959)
The bride and the batchelor (October 1959)
For better for worse (December 1959)

The touch of fear (February 1960)
Kind lady (April 1960)
Fools paradise (October 1960)
Something to hide (December 1960)

Cheapside (February 1961)
All in the family (April 1961)
Man alive (October 1961)
Intent to murder (December 1961)

The ring of truth (February 1962)
A man about the house (April 1962)
The brides of March (October 1962)
The secret tent (December 1962)

The Hayes Revue (February 1963)
A letter from the General (April 1963)
The house by the lake (October 1963)
The geese are getting fat (December 1963)

A Revue (February 1964)
A house of strangers (April 1964)
Murder out of tune (October 1964)
Running riot (December 1964)

The constant wife (February 1965)
Epitaph for George Dillon (April 1965)
Brush with a body (October 1965)
After my fashion (December 1965)

Mystery at Blackwater (February 1966)
A Revue (April 1966)
Shadow in the sun (October 1966)
Post horn gallop (December 1966)

The light of heart (February 1967)
Waters of the moon (April 1967)
Towards zero (October 1967)
Goodnight Mrs Puffin (December 1967)

The Queen and the rebels (February 1968)
A Revue (April 1968)
Semi-detached (October 1968)
Sound of murder (December 1968)

Hot and cold in all rooms (February 1969)
The right honourable gentleman (April 1969)
Wait until dark (October 1969)
Flowers for a Lady/A kind of Justice/Atalanta (December 1969)